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.rQChainofPrinciples. which is doubled, and doth..moil.fully ferve to expre(s it as coming from a root, that fignifieth Being. For Good- nefs and Entity are convertible and every thing fo far forth as it partaketh of Being partaketh alfo of Bonity :. wherefore God in whom all degrees of Entity meet is undoubtedly moff good. The latter in the title El which . as a learned Jew airmeth, doth not . lets clearly exprefs his influence then . yehoi'ah doth his EjJence : El and Elohini in their moll proper notion (as he tel- leth us ) fgnifying the authour and producer ofthings by an infinite pow- er. Ofthis Relative goodnefs there are fundry diflina branches mentioned in this fuperexcellent Text, which. are fpoken to in their order.. §. 3. The Firíl is Mercy.. Thenature' whereofmay receive much light from. the Hebrewword which ishere made ufe of. k cometh from a root that fir gnifieth fhutting up in ones bowels, . as child bearing women retain and cherifh 159 Exerc. P1llbOrtif in quantum rff:, bovre rff. r.5; Abarbanel a pad Joanro Buxtoif. fil, in Di %, de Nomirtnibrus Dei liebraicè the'. 39 814T, tásn:t o72",1 È4tra vifceia recepit,, czz-Aáyxva i- Ait. Luc. t , 78.