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6o A Chain of Principles. Aph. 4. cheriáh their dear& offspring within their wombs. Accordingly we reade in Luke of the bowels of Gods mercy ; a phrafe which implieth both inward- nefs and tendernefs. Firf inwardnefs, our bowels are the mofl inner parts The mercy of God Iprings fromwith- in, and path no original caule with out himfeif. Humane affe&ion is com- monly both begotten and fed by fomewhat without , in the thing or perfon beloved ; as culinary fire muff bekindled andkept in byexternal ma- Deur,,.,, 8. terials : But God loved) becau/e be loved', &xoc. 33. 9 and fheweth mercy on whom he will fhe- mercy ; as celel+ial fire is fuel to it felt. He freely extendethmercy to us in ma- king us good then dothus good for being fo; is not this a mercifull God Secondly tendernefs. The forecited palpage in Luke runneth thus in our tranílation Through the tendermercies of our God. Of all parts the bowels re- lent and earn moil. In them we are wont to finde a fEirring, when I}rong affetions