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plifhments brought under thefame cenfure by reafon ofthe folly, enmity, anxiety, and i,fufficiencie that attend them. An ape flrophie to the world. EXERC1TATtON 2. Pag. 20. A g& Cs uponPfalm 36.8. God in Chrifl a foul fatisfying object. The circular mo- tion ofhumane fouls, and their onely refl. A threefoldfulnefs of God and Chrifi op- polite to the threefoldvanity ofthe creai tures. EXERCITATION 3. Pag. 29. Two concl,ifàons from Pfalm 73. z5, 26. The Pfalmifis cafe Rated. The free quent complication ofcorporal and ,,7iiritu- al troubles. How God Rrengtheneth his peoples hearts againfl their bodily diflem.. pers; howunder difcouragementsof,,pirit. The fecret fupports ofavinggrace. What kinde o f portion God is to the Saints. A congratulation of their happinefs herein. Ex-