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EXERC1TArION 4... Paz. 43. The hríl inference grounded upon Ifa- iah 5. I, a. by way of invitation, backed with three encouragements to accept it, viz. The fulve/s of that f ulfatisfaEion which Godgiveth, the u- niveifality of its tender, and the freenef ofits communication. The fecond by way o fexpofulation, and that both with worlds iings and Saints, 4 conclufion by way of folíloquy. APHORISME. li. Pag. 6i. We are conduíted, to the fruition of God in Chrift by Chriftian Religi- on, contained in the divine oracles of holy Scripture. EXERCITATION 1. Pag. 6t. The fafe conduct of Saints, fgnifted by the pillar in Exodus, performed by the coon. * * fcl