Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

if Chain ofPrinciples. 165 the original phrafe imports. To the Exerc. t. greatnefs of thy fins oppofe the riches of Gods mercy and greatnefs of his love fpoken of by the great Apoftle. God faith he, who is rich in mercy, for his Eph fr'. 4. great love 'here'ith be loved us. Lo here a vaft heap, whereunto menmay come with confidence be it never fomuch tney have need of, becaufe there riches are not impaired by being imported.. Themercies of an infinite God are in- finite mercies, and fo able to (wallow up all the fins offinite creatures. What though thou haft heretofore delighted in fin ? defpair not, for he delighted) in Micah 7.1 mercy, mercy pleafeth him, as much as ever any fin did thee. What though thy re= hellion hathbeen longcontinued ? The Frahm =03. =7. mercy of the Lord isfrom everlalling to every Lifting upon them that fear him. Yea what though to former guilt thou haft added back Eliding, and relapfes to rebellion? yet remember that in Jeremiah. Return Jerem.:,zz. ye back- aiding children, and I will healyour back.-Hidings, together with that in the. , Y 3 laft