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164 ,fl Chain ofPrinciples. Aph. g.. anger of his to be compared to this kindeof mercy. Men that are fatted to def1rution often go profperoufly on in the world , have few affluions in their life, no bands in their death: but Abfit nobit, as Erajinus once Paid, From this pro/ieritie ch zoilimi, talcs jelicita+.Erafm.good Lorddeliver us. in concione de m Say not I am unworthy and muff i(éricordia. therefore defpair; for mercy is free, and ifGod fbould {hewmercy to nonebut fuck as are worthy of it he ihould Phew mercy to none at all , feeing Ail havefinnedand corne fhort as oftheglory, fo, ofthe mercy ofGod. Say not my fins are manyand great, too many and too great to be pardoned : but oppofè to the multitude of thy tranfgrefsions that multitude oftender mercies mention- ed by the Pfalmift; not forgetting the gracious invitation by another Pro- phet, Let the wickedforfake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughtss ; and let him return unto the Lord , andhe will have mercy upon him, and to our God fir he will abundant_,pardon, or, multipliepardon, as the Val, Sr. r,