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veracity,ofduration,and ofAuthority.Te divine authority of Scripture afferted by arguments. An inference from the whole 4phorifine. APHORISME III. Page 111. Scripture-Oracles fuppofing it fuf- ciently clear by the light ofNature, that there is a God make a further difcovery of what he is in his EfG fence, Subfillence and Attributes. EXERC1TATION I. Pag. t Corinth. 15. 34. expounded. 4pinio, ni/s compared to fleepers and drunkards. Three obfervations from the end of the verfe.What knowledge ofGod is unattain- able in this life. What may be had. The knowledge ue have concerning God di/lin- zuiJhed into Natural, Literal, and Spi- ritual. Exc