Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

EXERCItATION 2. Pa&. 120. That there is a God, the prime diElateof na- tural light; deducible frommans looking backward to the creation , forward to the rewards and punifhments difpenfed after death upward to the Angels above us, downwards to inferiour beings ,within our felves to the compof tion of our bodies, anddictates of our confciences about us to thevarious occurrences in the morld. EXERCITATtON 3. Pag.. 129. f eaEons three ways of dfcovering God fill Jhort ofmanfefting what he is. The ex- prefion in Exod. 3.14. molt comprehen. five. A brief expofition thereof Satans impudence. Natureand art both unable to di/aver the Trinity. What Scripture revealeth about it. Bafils memento. Ju- hhan.s impiety. Socinians branded.. The three Penns compared to thole three wells' inGenef. 2,6. Ex-