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EXERCITATION 4: Pag. 143. Divine Attributes calling for tranfcendent retpeï . They are fet down in the Scri- pture fo, a to curb our curiofty, to help our infirmity, toprevent our mapprehen- fions, and to raite our efleena ofGod. Spi- ritual knowledge fuperadding to literal clearnefs of light,fweetnef oftalk, fen/e ofinterefl, and jncerity o f obedience. AP HORISMEIV. Pag. i55. Goodnefs and Greatnefs are Attributes fo comprehenhve as to include a multitude ofdivineperfedions. EXERCITATION I. Pag. 155. God defcribed from goodnefs and greatnefs both without and within the Church. A lively pourtraiture ofhisgoodnefs in thefe- veral_ branches thereof. Exod. 34. 6, 7. Bowels of mercy implying inwardnefs and 3 ten-