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. Chain of Principles. 5 Bence cannot prefent the foul ofExerc. is man, with any created accommodati.= ons _ per f fily good without defect , and perpetually good without dea cay. Solomon was one that had both men and money at command, to afsift him in makingdifficult and cóily ex- periments ; a wift heart able to dive into natures fecrets ; a peaceable reign ,. in which he met with nothing to take himofffrom thework, or difturb him in it flrong inclinations and con- ffant endeavours to finde out the ut. moll ofwhat could pofsibl.y be dif covered in any creature, yet he it is that concludes upon trial!, not upon hear fay or conje ture, Vanity of vani Eccles Ls. ties, faith Coheleth, vanity of vanities-, 411 is vanity. 4. 3. Coheleth, which is the ftyle he gives himfelf in that Book comes from a root that fgnifies to collel't and gather, and, though it be of a fe- minine termination, is, for want of a common . gender in the Hebrew B.3 tongue,;