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6 Chain of Principles. App i. tongue, (as other words of the like form) capable enough of a mafculine conftrution. To him it may be thought agreeable upon four different notions, each whereof contributeth muchvalidity towhat he teftifies. Firft as a Preacher, who having gathered fun- dry arguments to convince the fons of men of the infufficiency of all things below God himfelf to render them happy, in that Difcourfe fpeaks as to a Congregation ; whereas in the Proverbs he had fpoken as to oneman, frequently ufing this compellation, My fon. So Hieronz, and Cajetan. Se- condly as a writer who had colletled intoa Synopfis all theopinions ofthole, who had been taken for wife men by their feverall followers concerning happinefs confuting filch as vvere erroneous. So Grotiws. Thirdly as a Student , who hadgathered much wifa dome by obfervation and experience, which he there gives demonf-lration of. So Dròughton. Laftly as aPenitent, vvho