Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

lo 19 Chain ofprinciples. Aph, i. conceive of vanity ( faith a late Ca- D. Sanded.. fuiff ) imagine the Idea ofa thing made præle&. de Jurauuenr. up of nothing as the matter, and a lie )oaah z. 8, as the form of it. Scripture (peaks of lying vanities, and ufeth the terms de- ceitfull and vain as equipollent. Fa- Pr". 31.30. 'your ( faith .bath/heba ) is deceitful!, and virg.A neid.. beauty is vain. The Poet interprets Va- arm, So. ntts by r endax ; and inold Latine va= mare was the fame with fallere. The creatures are wont fhamefully to fru- ftrate mens hopes and feldome or never make good to the enjoyer what they pron ifed to theexpétant. Yea as 7onahs gourd (having done him no fer- vice in the night, when he needed it not) withered in the mer i when he hoped for rnofi benefitly iááin'f the enfuing heat of the dari Iò the blefsings of this world-frequentlywi- ther at luch times as we looked- to finde the mofl fiéf nefs i-rï, and 're- frefhment from'them. None but Ha- man was invited with the King to Queen Ethers banquet this filled his bladder