Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

A Chainof Principles. p their hurt. They often prove prejudici- Exerc. ii all to the outward man, expofing it to danger. Who ever robbed a poor beggar , or begged a poor fool ? more often to the inward : whence that of Agur, Give me not riches, but feedme "frith p«y.i0.8,9. food convenientfor mey left 1 he [full, and deny thee, andfay Vohois the Lord l As if abundance made way for Atheifme in §hofe that knpw not how ta manage it. Plenty betrays many fouls to (la- very. Which made the good Empe- rour Maximilian lecond of that name, when a mafs ©f treafure was brought in , refufed to have it hoarded up,pro- fefsing himfelf A keeper of men,, not of money, and fearing left by falling into mandatary love^therewith he fhould ceafe to be a fi femcl capiat Sovereign Lord, and become a fer- fervmfutwm vant to the mammon of unrighteoufnefs. .j ., gd Ij i h r . ::: -r- theg-Chdfti“ §.f y. Secondly ib deceitfull as to PS*lIOa fruftrate expectation when mens hopes of advantage by them are at the higheft. Let him that would rightly C conceive