Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

Chain of rinciples. 1 Hui-has counfel was embraced , he Exerc. r, wouldnever have made fo much haft, as he did, to hang himfelf. 4. i t. Laftly Infufficiency to ren- der men either holy or happy. For when the worldly-wife have dived into the bottome ofNatures fea theyare able to bring up from thence in ftead of thefe pearls of price nothing but hands full offhels andgravel!. Know- ledge indeed and good parts managed by grace are like the rod in Wes his hand wonder=workers ; but turn to ferpents when they are cafe upon the ground, and employed in promoting earthly defignes. Learning in religi- ous hearts like that gold in the Ifrae- lites ear-rings is a molt pretiousorna- ment But if men pervert it to bafe wicked ends, or begin to make an idol of it, as theydid agolden calf of their ear-rings , it then becomes an abomi- nation. Doubtles thefe later times wherein fo many knowing men are of a filthy converfation , and have D joyned