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{ AChain of `Principles°. Apor. i. neither attained with eafe,as requiring much f .udy which is a 1 iearinefs to the flelh ; neither doth it, when attained, adminiier eafe but the contrary ra- ther : for when íludy pathbeen mid- wife to knowledge knowledge be comes nurfe to grief. LetSolomon (peak; Eccles. a. I,, Igave my heart to know wifdome I per- 1. ceived that this alto is vexation ofß irit. For in much wifdome is much grief', and he that increafeth knowledge increafetli for- row. Many and dreadfull are the damps that feize upon fuch as dig deep in the mines of learning. Sharp wits like [harp knives do often cut their owners fingers. The deep reach of a prudent man makes him aggra- vate fuch evils as are already comeup- on him, by confidering every circumm fiance fo, as to accent every fad confi- deration, and anticipate fuch as areyet to come, by galloping in his thoughts tomeet them. Had not Achitophel been fo wife as to forefee his inevitable ruine in the remote caufes of it, when Hu/hai's