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24 Chain ofPrinciples. Aph. t. ,'e /lull finde re/I toyour fouls. God would not rell from his works of creation till man was framed : Man cannot rat from his longing delires of indigence till God be enjoyed. Now lnce the fall God is not to be enjoyed but in and througha Mediatour : Therefore when any man clofeth with Chrifi, and not till then , he may fay with the Plal: miff, `return unto thy refl, O my foul, for the Lord bath dealt bountifully with thee. That Which theKing of Saints tefti- fied will be mofi readily attelled by all his loyall fubjeds. Enquireoffuck as are yet militant upon earth wherein their happinefs confills the anfwer i John I. 3. will be in their having fellow/hip with the Father, and with his Son Jefus Chrift. Let thole who are triumphant be asked what it is that renders their heaven fo glorious, their glory fo incomprehen- fible ye íhall have no other account but this, it is becaufe they have now attained a complete fruition of that alfufficient alfatisfying ever-bleífed and