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fÌ Chain of iPrínnCzp es. z ÿ and ever blefsing object God in Chrifi. Lxerc, 2. 4. 4. Nor can it ealily be denied by fuch as confider that in this objed there is found a threefold fulnefs, oppo- fite to the threefold vanity in the crea- tures which I difcourlèd of before. ]Firs a fulnefs of utility oppolìte to theirunprofitablenefs. Infinite goodnefs extends it Pelf to all cafes and exigents without being limited to particulars, as.created bonity is. Hence in the Scripture God and Chrift are compared to things molt extenfive in their ufe, and of mofi univerfall concernment. Philofophers look at theSun as an uni- verfal caufe : Chriíf is called the Sun of Malac. 4. 2 righteoufaefs by the Prophet ; and The Prat. 84. ix Lord God faith the Pfalmiff, is a Sun and fhield. In a Tree the root beareth the branches, and the branches fruit. Chrií1 is both root andbranch. A root in Ifaiah, In that day (hall there be a root Ira, pro I4. of .7ej which ¡hall 'land for an enfrgn of thepeople ; to it fhall the Gentilesfeek, and leis refi _lima be glorious. -A branch in E Zecha-