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z 6 Chain of Principles. Aph. 1. ;. 8. ° 7.8, ió. d, Zechariah , Behold 1 sill bring forth. my rvant the Branch. In a building the foundation and corner-lone are most considerable in point ofufe. Chrif is both. Thus /áith the Lord God, behold i lay in Sion for a foundation aflone, a tried dlone, a precious corner-/lone, a lure founda- tion. In military affairs what more ufefull for offence then the fword, for defence then the shield ? TheLord is both. Happy art thou O Ifrad who is like unto thee 0 people? faxed by the Lord-the Ihield of thy help, and who is the frbord of thine excellency. In civili commerce mo- ney is of moli generall ufe for the ac. quiring of what men need, of which Solomon therefore faith it arfrvereth all things ( whence it is that worldlings look at a full chef as having a kinde ofDeity in it,able to grant themwhat- foever their hearts dehre) of God iìZ ahri/I it is mof true. He onely can an- fiver all the delres, all the necefsities of his people; and is accordingly laid to be their ,ilver andgold as7uniuu ren- ders. Deut.;;. z9. Eccles so. 19. .. C.bicquicl numinis pracf n tlb'f,s opta, e: vcnáct;claufum pof.sidet arca 5ovem. Perm ArJir.