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28 .44 chain o f Principles. Aph. t. of our folly in expelling fatisfaElion from them. With God it is otherwife. I-le is faithfull that promifed, faith the A. = Their. 5.24. pole; And again, Faithful/ is he that called) yoti, who afo will do it. I am the =4.6. way, faith Chrift of himfelf, the truth and the life. In him beleevers finde not lefs, but more then ever they looked for; and when they come to enjoyhim completely are enforced to cry out, as Kings 10.7. the Queen of Sheba did The half arcs not told me. §. 6. Thirdly a fulnefs ofunchan'- ablenefs oppofite to their inconf$ancy. Ma'ac.3.6. This God challengeth to himfeif, Iam the Lord, Ichaise not And Jefus ChrifI H.voz3 s. is laid tobe thefameyeflerday, and to day, and for ever. Another Apoftle, (peaking James I. 17. of the father of , from whom deft-ends every good and perfelt g ft, ( therein al- 3einrius in 1Llding , as Hein/iuus conceives, to the 1,cum. High Preift his Urim and Thummim, that is lights and perfections; to Urim . i n thefe words father of lights to. T.hummi iß:1 in thefe Perfect gift) tells us