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.f Chain of Principles. of my heart, and my portion for ever. there two conclufions may be railed. There is no perton or thing in heaven or earth fhort of God in Chrift to be looked upon andde- fired as our utmoft good. z. The fruition of God in Chrift is able to make and to continue a man happy even in themîdf} of utmoft extremity. The former I have treated of in the foregoing exercitations, intending to handle the latter in this. That I ac- count an utmoft extremityas tokinde, ( thoughas to degrees it maybe either more intenfe or more remifs) when there is a complication of fufferings both in body andmindeat once. Such was the Pfalmifts cafe here. It is not flefh alone, or heart alone, but my flefh andmy heart, in conjundion,bothfailed him at one and the fame time. Such is the fympathy of foul and body, that when it fares ill with one, the other commonly is d.ifturbed. Ifthe foul be in