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4° Aph. . ktRcunqueme angu/fig corpo- vi3 aua anima arum, Tu meo anime es robur, dam te æternam mihi hæredita temforefpero. Simmius in Pfa1.73 A ChainofPrinciples. added with the fame breath,yet will I look again toward thy holy temple ; and prefentlyafter, 11,ben myfoul faintedwith- in me, I remembred the Lord, &c. 4. 7. The connexion ofthefe words in the pfalmMy heart faileth, but God is the flrength of my heart, andmy portionfor ever may Teem to imply force fuch thing; to wit that in times of lan- guifhment, God affords a flrengthen- ing fupport in fecret by encouraging a beleever to wait upon himfelfas his portion for ever, notwithílanding all; his fufferings for the prefent. There can be no better or more fovereign cordiall then this ifwe confider the futablenefs, and fufficiency of God to this purpofe. In the choice of a por- tion as of a wife, fitnefs is chiefly to be regarded; íhe is awife indeed, who is a meet help that a portion indeed, which is fumble the foul ofman. God onely is fo. For the foul is a fjiri- tuall and immortall ,. fubfíance, therefore to her worldly accommodations are un-,