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el Chain ofPrinciples. 4' unfutable, becaufe they are, mofl ofExerc. 3. them corporeal!, All of them temporall. But God who is a Spirit, and who onely John 4.14. bath immortality, fits her exaaly inboth refpecs.TheuncreatedSpirit becomes a portionfor ever to this his everlafting = Tim.6 16. creature. As for fufficiency, the fouls appetite is too waft for any creatures to fill up the meafure of its capacity: but when file hath once pitched upon God felf-fufticient in his being, allfu f fi- cient in his communications, the then hath enough and is ready to profefs withDavid , The Lord is the portion of Pea'. i6.56. mine inheritance and of my cup : the lines arefallen unto me in pleafant places yea I have a goodly heritage. Indeed what can one with in an heritage that is not to be found in God ? Would we have large poffefsions ? He is immenfity. A fure efrate ? He is immutability. A long term of continuance ? He is E- ternity it felf. I thall therefore fhut up this with a ferious congratulation to the Saints and an high applaufe of G their