Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

o Chain of Principles. Aph. i. thirh fo as to come, come fo as tobuy, buy fo as to eat, will never have caufe to repent oftheir bargain. I have lome- where read of a great Commander, who being extremely tormented with thirft,fold himfelf and his Army into enemies hands for a draught of cold water; which when he haddrunk he repented and laid. Oh quantum ob quan' :ilium! How very little is that for which I have parted with fo very much, ! Belee- vers may take up the like words, but in a far different fenfe : Ohowmuch grace, howmuchhappinefs have I got for a little thirfhing, a little trufing in Jefus Chrií' 4. 5. A third from the freenefs of communication amply declared in this claufe come buy wine and milk Teithout money and without price. In the place hitherto infifted upon, theword money occurs thrice , twice in the firf verfe and once in the fecond, but not in the fame fignification. in the hilt it, is clearly interpreted by price and fgnihes.