Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

Chain of Principles. , fhould be arraied in fine linen clean and Exerc.4. white, for thefine linen is therighteou fnefs of the faints.- Lat+iy Ignorance in the minde, for which there is his Eye-falve to re- move it according to the Apofles prayer for his Ephefians that God would give them the fpirit of w(dome BTher.t.r and revelation, the eyes of their underhand- ing being enlightned &c.. §. 4.. A fecond encouragement is from the unit/erfality of this offer. Ho every one that thirfleth come; fo he dobut therí} he íhall be welcome, how un- worthy foever he may be in other re- Dabit deft de- ranri gratiaw, fpeets. He will give grace to the thir- qui datgratiarta fty, who enables them to thirfl after defidetiti` grace. Chrif is far from turning fuch perlons away ; yea but- for fuch he would have no cuflomers in the world; his commodities muft lieby him dead for want of vent; feeing others will not take them of5, but leave them fill upon hishand,as things inwhich they fee no need, have no efeem of. This let all men know for certain that fuch as H thiríf