Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

To the Tvder. forth fo much the rather in this wayofhis Miniflery,byCatecheti cal Leétures in that Chappel on theEvenings oftheLords day .As Elifha when he came to ficho, caning fait into thofe §rings of water,for the prefervingof allfa vourine f r andfruifuinef in them. Now thefe Sermons of his he had drawn up C fo far as to the preaching ofthem)intoacomplete 'Body of Divinity in thirty difin 4hori/rnes. with their refpeccive Exercitations being alío thefuns; and ex:trat ofmolt ofhis former labours in the whole courfe of his miniftery; which He had in tended Cif God had permitted ) to have fitted, and prepared for the pr.e s. But beingprevented of 3 this