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if Chain of Principles. 63 xhe fire and the cloud, yet but onepil- Exerc. lar. So there are two different na- tures in Chrifl his Divinity fhining as fire, his Humanity darkening as a cloud, yet but one perfon. As that pil- lar departed not from themby day or by night, all the while they travelled in the wildernels. So whilefl the Churches pilgrimage lafls in this wo,r1c1, the fafe condu& of' Chrift by hisSpirit and Ordinances fhall becon. tinued. But as at their entrance into Canaan, a type of heaven, thepillar is thought to have been removed be- caufe not mentioned in the fequele of the flory, andbecaule when Ifrael pal- fed over Jordanwe reade not of thepil- lar but the Ark goingbefore them; So when the Church íhall arrive at hea- ven, her yelling place, the mediatory conduit of Chrifl is to ceafe, and the Ordinances, which are here of ufe, to difappear. g. 2. Mean while this infallible counfel of God bath been moil ef- fecîually