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7o TJfefficciall objeci ofjuflifyingfQith. ofdivers difeafes, but one predominant, may be cured ofit as muchas of any of the ref}, And yet bee more trouáled with the remainders of it, becaufe it had deepef} root and greatel} head and fo everie member ofcorruptionmay be trulymortified, andyet the f}rongerpafsions before,though in proportionable degree tamedandbrought into fubjeó}ion as much as the refl,may be the moll troublefome:which the faithful doe acknowledge, bewaile, and endevour to re- dreffe,keeping them underwith greatencare, and firiving againfl themwith all earnenneffe., This fight again(} corruption is. conflantly maintained by faith, and conflantly it cleaveth to the word.ofgrace, as much better than all carnali or wordly allurements, whereby wee might be drawne allele into finne, and fo it bringeth forth confiant obedienceto the will ofGod, : The good ground are they,which with anhonertt andgoodheart having heardtheWord, keep it, andbringforth fruit with patience. CHAP. VI. Of thefpecìallobjefl of:mgifyingfaith. Ti§ r' §. r. Aith feeketh not life and falvation in the threat- of ,,,y=,fyin3faith. rungs, prohibitions; or commandements; though it workeby love, and earnefllycontend againfl corruption : but acknowledging its imperfeelion in working, and re- Cor.S.To. nouncing all confidence in works or inour. (elves, it refleth ROM ` R«m<P.S. upon the romifesofmercie in efas Chrifl, or Wordof re- m7. conciliation, which is called theword offaith. Themore firme and livelyour faith is, the more fincerely it worketh the more fincerely it worketh, thebetter wee difcerne and unfainedly acknowledge our imperfeólions, anddifclaime all afñance in our owne righteoufnefie: and the more faithfully wee renounce all confidence in our works, the more