Ball - BT770 B3 1637

The f eciall object of¡eb ingfaith. 73 Abrahams faithdid juffifie him, as hee did beleeve the 73e!!47m Nci power ofGod; but becaufe his jutlifying faith, which was .gem../,mat. e fixed upon the gracious promife, did lufiaine it felfeby the Sg Za confederation of Gods power, in time of triall betweene thepromife and the execution. Abraham had apromife of feed ; but the execution is deferred, whereupon his faith is affailed thus : Abraham thy body is dead, thy wife hope- le%that way : which things foiledSarah fora time. Now when Abrahams faith on the promifes is thus let upon ; againfl: there arguments of unbeleefe, faith oppofeth the Rom.4.20. all-fufliicient power ofGod, and fuflaineth it felfewith this confederation, God is able. As another time, when he was tempted tooffer uphis fon in facrifice, hee verily beleeved he thouldreceivehimagaine,becaufe godwas able to raife xeh,ir.19° himupagaine. Beleefe ofGods power is not the a6t ofju- flifying faith, asit juf+ifies ; but theconfederation of Gods power is aprop and flayto faithagainff manifold temptati- ons. And fowe (hail find the Almightie powerofGod of- tenalledged to confirme the weake and waveringheart. As for Sarahs laughing, thinking it impofsible tohave a child, the Lord faid to Abraham, Is any thinghard or impoble Gencf.18.14. to god ? And againe to Mofes obje&ing whether all the fifh in the fea fhould be gathered for food for Ifrael in the wildernefle; theLord anfivered, Is the Lords hand waxed Numb.11;2,3. jhort ? thoufhalt fee whether my word(hall come to paffe, er not. And to the VirginMarie, defiring to be further con-. firmed touching thepromife ofGod, the Angell makes an- fwer, with Godnothing is impo f ble. Luk 1.37. As for the faithof the Centurion, fo muchcommended by our Saviour Chrift, it might bee a Rep or meane, by Luk y. whichhee was railed of God to a true faith forjulificati- onbythe Melsias; or it maybee, it was Tome effe& ofa juflifying faith : but in itfelfe, as hee did oneiy beleeve the power of Chrif3 tohealehis fervant, it didnot juflifie. Our Adverfaries themlelves will not fay, that naked affent to this truth, that Chrifc by his bare word wasof power to cure his fervant abfent, is fufficient to juf'cification, which yet