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74 The(peciall object efjuflifyingfaith. Luk.7.6. Joh.3.16. Jaws .23% A&s13.39. A&s 16.31. Aftsz6.18. Rom,3.z31.26. Ephefl1 5. A&s ISII. Joh. r i z. Ga1.3.z6. A&s 1o.g3 yet is the fubíl:ance of his confefsion. If they an(wer, that theprofefs ionof his faith is here mentioned according to the prefent occalion : they milli withalI confe(ï'e it fol- lowethnot, that becaufe none other ael of his faith is here expre(fed; therefore there was nothing further in his faith untojollification before God. Surely ifhebeleeved to fal- vàtion,he beleevedfomewhat elfe that made him tobeleeve what is here noted : heebeleeved fomewhat elfe,that made him to fay, Lord, Iam not worthy that thoufhouldest enter under my roofe. Chri(}is everiewhere made the thing which faith em- braceth to falvation, andwhom it dothTooke untoand re- fpe&,as it dothmake us righteous in the fight ofGod. God fo.loved the world, that beegave his only begottenSon, thatwhofoever beleeveth inhimjhouldnotperifh, but have everlafting life. Iam the refurreftion and the life, be that beleeveth inmee, though hee were deadyetfbatll bee live. And by him allthat beleeveare juftifaed from all things, fromwhiehyee couldnot bejuftifiedby the Law ofMoles. Beleeveon the Lord Jefsrs Christ, and thou(halt bePaved and thy houfe. That they may receive forgivenef eoffins, and inheritanceamong themwhichare fan&tifsed by faith, that is inme, Beingiuftifiedfreely byhis grace, through the redemptionwhich is in Jefi'..s Chriff : whom rodbath Pet forth to be apropitiation through faith in his blondfor the remifonoffins that areparhthrough the forbearance of God. It is withtts aswithmalefaelours; theKingspar- don onely received doth acquit them, andreflore them to libertie : and Gods mercie inChriRR coveringfin, received by a livelyfaith, doth Pet us free from feareof damnation. It is true, thatjuflifying faith dothgive aífent toeveriear- ticle offaith, and cleave toeverie Commandement : but it obtaineth remiílìon offinnes, asit receiveth Gods pardon in Chrifl. To himgive all the Prophets witnefe, that 'through his name, whofoever beleeveth inhim,fhallreceive remifrion offinnes. Righteoufneffe iseverie wheretied unto faith, even to faith