Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Ankle oftheprissipall matter$ unto the obedience of Chrift , but is not ignorant of Chrift , p.56,1' Thisknowledgemuff be dtßinet, found and certaine, P.17 In what refpe& faith may be cal- led implicite or unfolded, p.18 Faith is an aflént, 4 z p.t9,zo Beleefe hash reference toTome ut- tered word or revelation but may be fuftained by other mo- tives and inducements, p.t9 Faith is a firme affent, yet Come- times accompaniedwith daub- Ling, p.zo Faith is an abfolute and unlimi- ted affent , and yet through ig- noranceand infirmitie, aChri- . (flan may misbeleeve many things without danger ofdam- nation, p.zt,zz Faith is anaffent ina fort evident,,z3 Faith alío is anaffent infome fort difcurfive, P.13, 2,4 Faith isan affianceor confidence, § 3 p.z4,z1, &C. Confidence as it doth embrace Chrift with acertaine affiance is the forme offaith : as it be getteth in us quietneffe ofcon. Icience, and confidence of li. berty,it isan effeet offaith, p. 30 Confidence is oppofed both to doubting and diftruft, p. 3o, I Faith is anobedientiall affiance Faith, is oppofcd §top only,to doubting and diffidence : but to wavering, double-minded- nelle, and difobedience, p.33 Affiancemutt bewell rooted, § t It muff bee found and perm3á Went, p.34,31 Faith is an over-ruling affiance, P.3 S,36 Of all graces faith is the molt humble, p.36,37 Faith is afpirituall tafte, § 6 p.37 Faith admitsmany interruptions, P.3 8 CUAP.`IIII. ¡ Ove is,not the life orfouleof faith, § r P.38,39,&c It is faith and not chariue that gives influence to all other graces , even to charityit felfe, ibid. The goodneffeof God cannotbt the objea of our charity, bur by being fiat the obje l ofour faith, ibid Charity is an fnfirument unw faith for moving and flirting abroad in the performance of all duties recommended unto us, but theinward ordiet-Mall forme offaith is not, p.40,4t In what refpeas charity dothex cell faith, and faith charitie, How faith is perfected by §1.P.42,43 workes, Jufl:ifying faith cannot bee.with- our love, § 3 p.4S 46 &c. How the acs of charity are laid to beof faith, p. {46 Faith temporary and juftafying differin radication, foveraign- tie,andworking, p.49 The fiat and radicali union with Chrift is made by faith only : the fecondarie union is by meanes ofthe affeaions, p.y They that wanke iniquityhave no faith to beleeve alfuredly, that they (hall befaved, p.53 Thr