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m: ti$ k 4tiA l 4R9pj A A A A `` Y i®E^v3sv C GJ *.**'+. a,Tableopheprá,jí'4ll m4tte,r,r contained Tn thisfir/t Part. CHAP. I. HOw and in what re- fpe&s faith is ne- cef ary,Se& a Divers acceptations of the word faith, Se&.z p.z,3 Of divers kinds of Faith , § 3 Pag 3 Why fome kind of Faith is cal- led Hiftoricall, ibid. The difference betwixt Faith Mi- raculous and Ordinary, ibid. P4 Why true Faith is called Juftify- ing or favingFaith, ibid. In what phrafes this Faith is un- folded in the NewTeftamenr, P.4 TobeleeveGod , and to beleeve inGod,doe in Scripture import one and the fame thing, p.5 Not the habit (though that bee neceflary) but the aft andexer- cife of faith isrequired, S 5 p. 617 CHAP. II. j]ÇTHat Juftifying faith is, vV YV 41P.7 God theFather, in his Sonne Je fus Chrift,by theholy Spirit,is the authour offaith, § zp.7,8 Faith is agift in a fpeciall manner, molt free and profitable, ibid. How wee are faid to receive the HolyGhoft by Faith, ibid. How the Spirit is obtained by prayer, p.9 Faith isimpeded, though awork of theSpirit, § 3 p.9 Faith is a povverfullworkofGod ibid. How God produceth faith, § 4,tt The increafe of faith isof God, p. la Faith is the gift ofGod and the a&of man, § 511.12 Faith is wrought by the Word, 6 r Encreafed by prayer, and ufe of theSacraments, p. r4 Whyall do not.beleeve that heare the'Word, ibid. Though faithbee thegift of God, men muf}_ tire the meanes to obtsineit, p14,1S C RAP. III. FAitlt prefuppófeth knowledge, § t p.16,1' It captivates our .underftanding * 4 unto