Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Faith as it.juífifie^s is a refting on.Chrisiforpardone onely the fenfe and manifeftation ofjufii&ication already! nbtained,doth dependon faith? §. 4. It may bee Paid, wee are juflifiedbefore in Gods § a. decree. Indeed whomGod dothjutiifie, them he decreed to juflifiefrom all eternitie : but whereas eleálionis mani- fetiedby faith, as by its eft-ea , jollification Both depend . upon faith, asits caufe,andweeare juflifiedbyfaithas the inflrument thereof. For eleálion is an aál immanent and eternal], but juflificationtranfient and in time, inferring. fomechange i,u theFperfon:jttflified,:notphyficall, burmo- rall and in refpeaof flate, whereby it comes topaffe, that theperfon is inanotherconditionand account than he was before:" In briefe, the act of:faith perfwading ofthe pardon of finne already obtained, by beleeving andglorying in the fen.Çe ofQeds.mercie,,.mull be.di fiingaifhedfrom_that aáè offaithwb h ljuLlifieth, -, and, isA leaning:: or flaying upon f Chrifl to obtaine remifston.;; the priailedge ofgrace and comfort, which comes to the foule by beleeving, mufi bee d flinguill'zed from the condition of the covenant, which is required on our parts, before wee can obtaine pardon. This is therather to beenoted, becaufe the mainecavils of the Papiflsagainfl ourdoorine touching particular confi- Fillers at,jroerto deuce in Gods mercie, and certaintie offalvation, are certaineart=rlr:, grounded upon this furmife, that wee make that faith, which is an affured and certaine perfwafion of our parti- cularele}ion, jollification, and falvation, to bee the foie caufe-,, to wit, on mans part, of jutiificarion: whereas jufiificationrit felfemuffgoe before theallàrance ofit, and fuchperfons onelycanhave trimaffurance and:certaintieof their jullification, ele&ion, and falvation, who doe un- fainedly beleeve, and know afíuredlythat they beleeveas theyought, Audit makes much for the comfort of many faithful' people, whocommit their foules unto Chrifi Je fus, and dependupon him and noother for falvation, who yet aremuch: perplexed, as if theyhad no faith, nor could doeought pleatinguntoGod,.becaufe they want this cer- taine 89