Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Hayfaith a f furèth offalv4tion. mineaffurance of the remi(lionof theirfinnes; whereas if they had learned what it is tobeleeve unto juftification, and trufl unto the promife for pardon, they might for the prefent take comfort in this , that, notwithf+anding their feare, they relyeupon Chrift, and commit their foules unto God, as to their faithfull Redeemer, and might withmore eafe and fpeed grow upunto the defired comfort and afl'u- rance, when they fhould diftin&ly perceive and difcerne the grounds of faith and afl'urance, and by what fleps and degrees they muff climbfrom the oneunto the other. §.1. Howfaith aiTh. reth offalvation. 13011.4.13. and 3.r4. and s.r;. Rom.G.8. CHAP. VIII. Byfaith a truebeleevermaybe certaineand infallibly Jeered of theresnifon ofhislinnet and eternallfalvation. §. 1. T isa Principle, common amongft our Adverfa- ries, that everie conclufion ifl'uing fromonepro- pofition revealed expreffely in Scripture, and another clearelyand certainly knowne otherwife, andby evident andgood confequent added unto it, belongs to faith, and is beleeved byno other habit than offaith. As for exam- ple ; Allthedead fhail rife. 'Peter is dead : thereforepe- ter (hall rife. The conclufion is Theological], andbelongs to faith, though it beenot expreffelywritten that Teter is dead, or that heefhall rife againe. Soit is in this prefent matter : All that beleeve fhailbee faved: this propofition is offaith , becaufe it is immediately revealed and ex- prefîely written. But I beleeve ; this is certaine by the teftimonyofthe renewed confcience,tohim that bath pro- ved himfelfe to be in the faith. Theconclufion, Therefore I (hall bee faved,ïs certaine by faith : becaufe it is inferred ofone thing beleeved, andanot`,er that isevident. Andal- though theHoly Ghoft, not tyinghimfelfeto termes, doe fometime