Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Thefeverall eatesof Beleevers. reines to our lulls, or by fecret defertions ere-while to lofe for a time thiscomfortableperfwafion ; theSpirit not fpea- king in us by hislight as heretofore, and our confciences and faith fo hurt and wounded, that the actions ofthem are troubled and depraved,as we fee the like befalletAh thenatu- rallfenfes,andreafon.. Wee fee, through melancholy what reafoncomes to imagine, how that form (hould feeke ro kill us, whonever thought us hurt : How theeyethinkit teeth thingsyellow and red, when they are nothing fo the tafie things bitter,when they are fsveet : So the fight offaith and confcience, when nothingbut fin,guilt,wrath,angriedefer- tionover-lay it, it feemeth to fee everie thing for the time,, of like colour to thofe things wherewith it is poii'ef ed.` Thus fometimes the firong faith is fhaken greatly, and (ironglyafl'aulted, fo that bee thatunfpeakably rejoyced in the falvationofthe Lord,by bailie cogitations is brought to fay, I am casî, outof the fightof thi3aeeyes. rfal ;i..z. And if faith efcape thefe rocks,' maynot yet à' more fe- rious examination ofour wages; and thorow-fight ofour nakedneffe,imperfertions, and manifold tranfgreflìons'; the flrengthof our lufis, the diforderof our paflions, our daily failings, and that great weakne(fe which in trials wee (hall find in our fèlves : maynot thefe things, I fay, raife feare in theheart of a found Beleever, as not altogether without the reachofpof ibledanger, without repentance andgrea- ter corfiancie in performing all Chriflianduties, than hi- thertohee bathmade pro'ofe of; fpecially if the apprehen- lionof multitude-and hainoufnefleofhis finsbe quicke- nedby affli&ions, or the livelycogitations ofthe terrors of the dayofjudgement? Nevertheleffe, as achild affrighted runneth to the father, lookingfor defence and helpof him, even fo in the middeftofall feares, temptations, difficul- ties,and diflreflès, faith is í}ill running untoGod, hillim- portuning him, calling uponhim, expoflulating with him, cafling it-felfe hill upon him, dependingupon his aid, and expectingofhim that things become otherwife than pre- fently theyare. 5 . 5 . Thus 95