Ball - BT770 B3 1637

96 v4ffurance of falvationmay be obtained. §. s. Faithofadherence firongcr and more neceffarie then feüth of evidence. . s. Infehible a fu- mnee offalvation maybe-obtained. §. N. Thus faith of adherence is ftronger than faith:of evidence; and beleefe in Çhrift for remifïion, than affurance ofpardon and forgivenefíe : Andas faith inChrift is ftron- ger than particular certainrie of our falvation; fo is it more neceffarie. For beleefe in Chrift is abfolutely necef farie to remifsion offirmes, inall them thatbee ofage and difcretion : but afiurancecomes not at firftwhen wee be- leeve, but by little and little as God feethit requifite, ac- cording to the trial! hee bath appointed to make of us. Without faith in Chrift, as theonely author of falvation, and foie end offaith, with whom our foules feeke perfe& union, it is impofsible to pleafe God : no a&ion, though init felfeneverfo good or holy, is truly acceptable, unlefl'e . itbequickened and enlived by this faith : But many poore foules,that want affuranceof Gods fpeciall favour, are ten- derly belovedofhim, asheires of falvation, and theirgood works accepted in jefus Chrift. AChriftian of an hum- ble and broken fpirit, denying himfelfe, and renouncing the world, beleeving that his firmes are pardonable, and earnefilydefiring remifsionoffins by the merits ofChrift ; refting upon Chrift alone for falvation, and joyning, with this defire and affiance, theYincere, unpartiall pra&ice of obedience to all Gods Commandements,according tothat meafure ofgrace which hee hath received, without que- ftion hee (hall receive the inheritanceofeternall glorie, although beemay bee fcrupulous inhimfelfe, wanting this perfwauon and afThrance that his finnes are pardoned. And yet becaufe God bath commanded us CO labour for the perfe&ionof all graces, wee are furethismull beein- treated for, and have a promiiè that it (hall bee gran- ted, as. God feeth meet, both for the time and meafure . of ir. §. 6. That not onelyTorreu icertaine hope and dimme fight ofGods favour,but even a(furance is tobe fought, and may bee obtained, is thus manifeft. Faith may receive what the Word doch teftifie; for the Word ofGod is the obje&offaith. But there is a word teftifying thus mach,