Ball - BT770 B3 1637

98 /I ffuranceoffalvation may be obtained. not heeas out of the Word inferre, If I befeeve.I fhaIf. be faved ? Our Saviour ChrifI had laid nothing namely to Paul and Silas as touching the Jayler, that if heedid be- leeve bee fhould bee faved : but out of that univerfall, joh.3.,s. Pvhofoever beleeveth(hall beefaved, they proclaimecom- nRsrs3i. fort to him in fpeciall, Beleeve thou, ándthole fhalt bee faved. There is nothing found in Scriptureexpreffely tau- ching this or that mans refiarre&ion in particular : is it not then tobe beleeved out of the WOrd ? The Scripture faith to him that beleeveth, Thou (halt inherit eternal! life, as much as it doth to any particular man now living, Thou (halt rife again. Becaufe our Saviour laid to the Apo- j012.30.23. flles,whoiefinsfoeveryeeremit, theyare remitted,our Ad- verfiries (though falfly) would colle&, that their. Priefis have powerto abfolve a man from all his finnes. Doe they know atfuredly, that what was fpoken to. the Apoflles, was fpoken alto to their Priefls, though there bee no parti- cular mention ofthem in theGofpell ; and will they not allow us to inferre a particular from a generali? David Pf11.23.r. could fay, The Lord is myfhepherd ; Job, Iknow that my Job 19.z5. Redeemerliveth : which they beleeved out of theWord, grounding themlelves upon the promifes ofmercie. And weenow living by the fame faith, having the fame precious promifes, being led by the fame Spirit, may out ofthe Wordof lifebe allured that our fames are forgiven and co- vered. Moreover, everie faithful! foule in particular Both 3 3,4 find, heare, and read in the Word, whoforgiveth all thine iniquities,and healeth all thine infirmities. Toeverie faith- f=av 43,' -5. full foule in fpeciall the Lord faith, I, evenI amhee that hfà1.3.i7 Micah 7.,9. blotteth out thine iniquitiesfor mine ownefake,and remem- Reran.;234 ber thy finnes nomore. This he fpeaketh toangular helee- Ephéf.5.1o. vers, not to fome'perlc)ns only, as it is evident in that the Scripturecloth in univerfalI repeat the fame thing- What r7. our Saviour faid ro the young man, If thou wouldit enter into life, keepe the Commandements, thePapiils teach.that is fpoken toall men ; andifa man fulfill that condition, heemay beleeve to bee faved. Looke how they know the words