Ball - BT770 B3 1637

fTurance offalvation may beobtained 97 much, that my particular perlonbeholding the Sonne, and beleevingon him, fhallhave eternafllife, and beeraifedup at the la,ftdays that there is no condemnation to me being in Chrilt. Neither could John with thefaithfull beleeve Gods love towards them in particular , if fome word :did not (hew it. For the Papills themfelves will not fay, that all of them were priviledged with fingular revela- tion. Our .A.dverfaries reply, that there is noW oçd ofGod, raying, Corneliva,beleeve thou that thou lhalt bePaved : and where there is no word, there is no faith : for there two arerelatives. Thiscavill is eafily removed: for that can- not bebeleeved as out of the Wordof God, which is not found in theWord ofGod expreffely, orbyconfëquence butwhatfoever is found there expreffely, or mayevidently by dire&coniequence be deduced thence, that maybebe- leeved as out of the Word ofGod. Now howfoever it be notPaid in fomany fyllables, '`erer, Thomas, Cornelius, thyPinnes areremitted to theebeleeving ; yet evidently lb much may bee concluded out of thofe generali promifes, Everie man that beleeveth (hall have eternail life : for the univerfall doth includeits particular. Therefore the meflèn- gersof theLordof Hofls doegive notice to their Congre- gations, that the matter which they proclaime in the Nameof the Lord,dothconcerne themandeverieofthem, Paying in effe&, To you is the word of thisfalvation font. What they fay to all men, they fay to everie man : what to penitents, to everie penitent; what to beleevers, to everie beleevers what to finners and ungodly , to everie finner. God gavehis Law to all Ifrael, (peaking toall, as if hee had fpoken namely and particularly to everieone, ThouJhalt have no other Gods, &c. Maynor, ought not man to inferre thence , I muff have none other Gods, &c. Thepromifeof theGofpel runnes thus, If thouJhalt confefle with thy mouth the Lord Jefua, and beleeve in thy bear:that Godraifed him from the dead, thou (halt be faved. Is not this fpoken toeverie man particularly ? May H not Marthr.2r. Afts 1043. r Theftr,,o.,tr. Efa 9.6. r JJÉ;ss. : Joh.5.1o,r3. ñeQar. de 7'tt(fif. 1i5.3. cap 8. Ç. ?rifts ratio, An 13.26, and 3.26. and a.28. Cor.5.3o, Exod,