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prasorestro..----- L4ffurance offalvationmay beobtained. o They objeól further, It fufficeth not tobeleeve unto fal- vation, but a manmu(1beleeve with his wholeheart: which no man,fay they,can certainlyaffirme. Indeed faith fincere, upright, and well-rooted, is required on our part to jutli- fication; but not abfolutely perfe& in degree, without weakneffe or defe& : And this may bee known by him that bath it ; elfecouldnot the Eunuch have anfwered, I beleeve; nor David have promifed, Iwill praife thee, O Lord, withmy whole heart, withmy whole heart haver fought thee. But in there and filch like paffages, the a whole heart noteth the integritie b and uprightne(fe of the foule, not the perfe&ion ofgrace without any in- firtnitieor defe& ; as on the contrarie, a fraudulentor hy- pocriticallheart is called o anheart divided; and thewhole heart is oppofed toafained and hypocriticall heart, as the Lord complainethby hisProphet, d Judah bathnot retur- nedunto mewith her whole heart, Inafainedly. And thus wee flint upthis firflreafon. That whichthe Scripturefaith to pertaine to all and fingular Beleevers,that everie Be- leever may certainly affure himfelfe of byfaith : But the Scripture fheweth remiflionof finnes to pertainetoall and everie Beleever. §. 7. Againe, What wee are taught to askeofGod in prayer, and have a promife to obtaine, that by faith wee maybeeaffured to obtaine. For God that bath comman- ded us topray, anddireóedwhat to askeaccording tohis will, and promifed to grant the delires ofthem that call upon him in truth according tohis Commandement, hee will not deniehis promife, nor goe backe from the thing that hee bathfpoken. But weearecommanded roaske the pardon and forgiveneffe ofour finnes, and have a promife tobee heard in that which wee delire. Therefore by faith wee maybeeafured of the particular remi(lìonof our of- fences. Our Adverfaries except, that what weeareallured of al- ready, that wee cannot askeofGod in prayer : and there- fore if weebeaffuredof pardon, weemuff not pray for par- H 3 don. Kellar. de Yu'iif. lib. 3 , cap.(, Ads 8.37. 1îm.r.g; Ads 3.37,33, Pfa1.86az. and 138.r. Pfa1.119 r0,69. a Pfal.r19.2. Deur.4.z9. Jerem. 29 13. z Chron.15.15. Prov.; .5. b Pfai.73.r. and 97 rr. and z8. 67, c Pral,rz.a. d Jerem.3.1o. Luk.7go. Marif.a6.rd, §. 7: Mark.11.24. r Joh.5.14 rg. Pfala4f.i8. `Perlar dePeclef: lib.4.(apt. Traterea.