Ball - BT770 B3 1637

I 02 LA' j fir offalvationmay be obtained. Irtwhat finfifor. givexe e offixe is tobe prayedfor. 2 $241.1242,1,3., Pfa1a2 .t,z Pfal.5 don. What, is it Jawfull in no fenfe topray for that where- of wee areattired ? David, prayed toGod for the pardon of thofe finnes, which beebeleeved by faith were forgiven (for fòwas hee afl'ured from the Lord by theProphet Na- than) unleffe wee Thall charge him with infidelitie,for not beleeving the Prophet : fince thefpeech was foplaine, that hee could not butunderflandit. Ihavefinned againfl the Lord : Aplaine and true confeffìon. The Lord alfo hath put away thy fanne, thou,halt not dye: As plaine and cer- raine an abfolution. Willour Adverfaries come in here with their vainedi fliníionofguilt and punifhment, of temporall and eter nal!? Iftheydoe, it is to nopurpofe. For whatfoever the refped}s were, in whichDavidprayed for the forgivenefl'e of his finnes, once this iscleare, that he prayed forit : and then what reinaines, but that our Adverfaries muff con- demnehimoffinninggrievoufly, in askingGod pardonfor thofè fins, which bee beleevedbyfaith were forgivenhim ; orof infidelitie for not beleeving : or elfe grant it lawful! in fomeregard tocrave pardon, when it is already granted, and beleeved tobe fo ? But furtherit is manifefl:, that both guiltand punifhment were remitted : becaufe the Prophet precifely, mentionsboth parts, The Lordhath tallenaway thyfinne; There is the guilt wipt away. Thou 'halt not dye; Thereis the punifhmentforgiven, thewhole punifh- ment, thewhole penaltie ofthe flatute concerning finne. And yetnothing, is more cleare,than thatDavid begs par- donbothof the guilt and punifhment of his offences, and that Godwould make him fee and feele this forgivenelheof his everieday more andmore. Neither yet doth it follow, that then prayer for forgive- neffe is an effe6t of a weake faith ; becaufe though our faith were tlrong, yet the feelingof ourowne wretched- nefl'e, the jufl defert of finne, and the wrathof God due unto us, would wringout filch entreatie fromus : as wee fee the extremitie which our. Saviour. Chril+,was in upon thecroffe, made him cryout fomainely, My God, my God, why