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cadffuranceoffalvation may be obtained. 107 laid, as to e/fbrahan3, fo to everie one of the feed of e.lbraham, I will be thy God.. Wee doe no injurie, be- caufc wee ,doe not thereby make him our peculiar, but leavehimthe fame to others that heeds to us; as every man enjoyeth the light of the Sunne to his owne ufe, with- out, the impeachment thereof to the ulb of any other mat;. §,, 8. A third reafon toconfirme that aChriflian be- leever may bee affuredof thepardonof his firmes, is this : What the Apoflles and other faithfull men were affured of by ordinarie faith, thatmay all the faithfull bee allured of in like manner. For all the faithfull are Brethren, and have the lil¿epreciousfaith and promifes. But the Apoffles and other faithfull havebeeneaffuredof theirfalvation by ordinarie faith. Taal pronounceth the fame certaintie of otheimens falvationthat hee dothof his owne, and upon grounds which are common toall the faithfull and Saints of God. The Rhemifls ob)'e&, that Pauldud}not afire himfelfe that he was juflified,faying, l knownothing by myfelfe,yet am I not thereby jutified. Did Paul fpeake this as doub- ting of hisjuflificationby faith in Chriff ? Of his particular afl'urancehee givesplentifull teflimony otherwhere : and our Adverfaries teach, that hee was Airedby revelation. The place makes flrongly againfl juflificarion by works': butagainf},certaintie offalvation it makes nothing, unleffe wee {hall make the Apoffle contrarie to himfelfe ; andour Adverfarieswill fay, thata manmay be certaineby revela- tion, and yet altogetheruncertain: Thedrift of the place is toThew, that wee lhould not vainely bee liftedup with the iapplaufe of men, becaufe theyknow us not ; yea, wee Iirow not our felves thorowly : for God is greater than ourconfciences, and doth efpie many ferret defaults in us, which wee upon diligent fearch cannot- find out in our ownehearts. Butdid the Apoille, protefling the innocen- cieof his confcience, intend to intimare his doubtfulnefte of mind , touching, his owne falvation ? In no fort : for Jerem.3t.3,,3J and 32 34. arJd 30 22.. §. 8. Freb.z.rt. z Pet.r. t. Aom.8.3 3. t Con7.4o. 2 Tim.4.8, a30h.3.4. ás.3 3 I Cor.4.4. Xl,ea. Annot.i loc. Bellar. de 9ull°f Kom.8i5. Gal z 2-. Phil 1.19,20. I Tim.q,8. ROem, .Annot. in 4Z,,oa.N.3 t.