Ball - BT770 B3 1637

io6 c,fl f f'urance offalvation may beobtained. 6. Ain 3. r9. Rom.8.23. Pfalm.r8.1.2. Palm. 23 t. Ifay 25. 9. Ifay 3 3.22. Job 34.34. John2o. 28. Gal.t. 20. Phil. t. 3. wholly free them from all remainders offinne, and chore chafifements, af'fli&ions andmiferies wherewith theyare exercifed in this life ; and in this refpeht the remifTionof their finnes is full andperfe& : but fo long as they live in this vale ofteares, finhath its abiding in them, and they are fubjeS tomany calamities by reafon offin, from which they heartily defireandpray tobe delivered. Sixthly, weehave thegrant ofpardon fealed inour con- fciences, and poffefle it privately inpart, but as yet the Judgehathnot folemnelypronounced his fentence ofab- fólution, norPet us in full and reali póffefíion, ofabfolure, complete, incite acquittance and remiflion. This there- fore we expe6 , and prayfor, which will not be till the time ofrefrefhing come. So longas wee walke byfaith, and not byfight , wee fill pray for the fight ofthat , as touching which wee have now but the comfort offaith andhope, ,. which is inpart and imperfe&. By faith wee know that we are redeemed both in fouleandbody , yetflill we f :gh in ourfelves , 'waitingfor theadoption, even the redemption ofour bodies. Our ,adverfaries obje& againe, that by praying that Chrifs meritsmay be made ours inparticular, weegreatly abate them. As though the Prophet Daviddid abafeGod inmaking him hisin particular,faying,TheLord is my rock,, andmyfortreffe, my God,andmy flrength , my fhield , the herre of myfalvation, andmy refuge : The Lordis my Jheapheard,I(hall not want.Whichagreeth fweedy with the voiceofthe faithfull,He is ourGod,andhewillfaveur ; He is ourLord(not onelyby right of foveraigntie , butoflove and affeelion) andhe willPave us. As though Elihudid abafe Godin callinghim, My Father ;orThomasdid ahafe our Saviour Chrif in calling him , My Lordandmy God; or Paul, when he glorieth and triumpheth in Chrif after this manner, wholovedme, andgavehimfelfeforme; viz. ina fpeciall and peculiar manner, and not onely as he loved Efau, Judas, and other reprobates. Wee doeno iujurie toGod to make him ours in particular, becaufehee bath fail,