Ball - BT770 B3 1637

c11ff"rcranee offalvation may be obtained. I II mortali men are never bound togive God thanks for the greatetl benefit that is bellowedupon them in this world, is moll abfiard. It is obje&ed, That in this flare of temptation (fuch is our infirmitie) affurance would engender pride. And im- Beuar. mediate and perfe6t affurance, filch as is free fromall af- v6.3 eap.a. fault, and impeachment of feare and doubt, might perad- §. Tetrsatatio. venture, by thecorruption of ournature, be abufed tofecu- ritie andpride : Bat fuch perfe&ion in this life wee attaine notunto; becaufe the Lord knowes it not expedient. As we havea meafuré of true righteoufneffe, though weake and imperfe&: fo have wee a meafureof true and comfortable affurance againfl feare and doubt, though, by reafonof our weaknefle, mixed with many feares and doubts. Thus The benefitsthat the Lord deales with us in great wifdome ( knowing t) tear tatiant. our inabilitie to weild any better condition) that by the fweetneffeofgrace wee might bee allured toyeeld cheare- full obedience, andbee fuflained in temptations, and by the fente of'our weaknefl'e, together with the fharpnefl'e of temptation, feare, and perplexitie, might bee kept from fwelling in pride, fecuritie, loveof carnali libertie, negli- genceto preferve our faith, and fuch like. And as fome- times by his admirable wifdome hee maketh (inne the whetflone ofrighteoufneffe: fò by of li&ion and trouble, by diflrufls andfearefull doubts, beewhettethand fharpe- nethour faith and affurance ; which by fighting ençrealéth, andthe longer it wreflleth the fironger it waxeth, while(# faith powreth forth prayer, andpowring forth of prayer obtaìneth further flrength of faith. Knockingmakes the linke to burne more cïearely, and the' (bakingof a treeby Ilormie blaffs fettles the root and the tree more firmely : fo temptations, troubles, and feares by the wife provi- denceof God make for the encreafe and confirmation of faith. As aman indanger of drowning catcheth for hold to fave himfelfe : fo whilefl the comfort of life makes offertogoe fromus, wee take thebetter hold thereof, and it becomes fomuch the more precious and deare unto us. By