Ball - BT770 B3 1637

I r a L.Affurance offalvationmay be obtained. §. to. Gal. .tn.}. Rom.4 t4. Ga1.3a8. joÌ1.5.10,tt. Rom.Ga.3. jerem.3k33. ezek 35.z o Plrilx.F. tdartli.t 9, 17, By our corruption vertues become poyfon:' and by the wifdomeofGod finnes are made medicines : But as wee doenot condemne venue, though our corrupt hearts doe fometimes abufeit ; nor commend finne, for that it isufed as a fpurre to righteoufneffe : no more doe wee approve doubting, for the good that God works by it ; nor difal- low fullaffurance, becaufe of theevill that might enlue to us thereby abufing the fame. Inbriefe, pride is the laugh- ter ofcorruption, notof fi'iall confidence; nor may it bee' condemned for it, becaufe that weed fpringeth from ano- therroot. §. i o. Aman maybeleeve, faytheRomani(ts, that bee (hall haveeternal] life, if hee keep the Commandements : but becaufe he isnot afi'ured that he fhaIlfodoe, he remai- neth in feare. Andeerie juftlymay bee be infeare,or rather in defpaire, that looketh for eternal] life upon no other condition. The Apoflle indeed doth plainlydebarrehim fromall hope and expettation thereof, whenheefaith, So many as areof theworks of theLaw, are under the curie ; for it is written,Curfed is everieone,&c. It is not forthem that profeffe the faith of atilt, by their keeping of the Commandements, toexpeól the obtainingof eternall life Tee arefallenfromgrace(faith the Apoftle) that willbe jee- jtifiedby the Law : If they which beof the Lawbeheires, then is faith made void, The Commandements of God are laid before Beleevers, not as the caul: for obtaining of' eternal] life, but as theway to walke in unto eternall life, aff'ilred untous by the freepromife and gift of God. And ofthispromiieand gift of' God, thekeepingofGods Com- mandements is a part,who hath laid, /will put my Law into their hearts, andcaufe them to walke in my Statutes. And though a manheweake, feeble, and imperfe, yet finding and feeling the worke of fanáification begun in him, bee maybe allured that hee who bath wrought this beginning of life, will goe forward therewithunto theend. OursaviourChrift Paid to theyoungman in the Gofpel, 1 If thou wilt enter into life, keepe the Commandements : But