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z z 8 What Pinnes hinder a(%urance. Heb.u.3t. Pfa1.19,1213. §.:Z. Whatfins hinder afuranee. Pfal.57.1o.14 z Reg«t i.4. and did flicke fall unto God, even when through weak- neíiethey tranfgreffed. By faithRahab received theflies withpeace, when through infirmitie (beeofrended in the meanesof their fafetie.. TheProphet David was regene- rate without queftion, and had fure hope that his prayers for mercie fhould bee heard, when hee uttered this com- plaint ofhimfelfe, Whocan tsnderfitandhis errors ? Cleanfe them mefromfecretfattlts. Keepe backe thyfervant alfo from prefumptuov..sfnnet, let themnot havedominionover me :: then(hall I beupright,andFallbe innocentfrom the great tranfgreffìon. So thata faithful! man ffepping aíide, through infirmitie , in the forenamed offences ( I fay through infirmitie, and notof habit, cuf}ome, groffe care- lefnefíe, or delight) doth retainehis integritie; and faith though fomewhat (haken, loth keepeits (landing, and con- tinue lively tobeg and embrace pardon. But hee that finneth ofmeere frailtie, doth humble him- felfefor his daily offences, and labour to repreffe and mor- tifie his inbred Tuffs, feeketh forgiveneffe by unfainedcon- fe(fion andbeanieprayer, renevveth his purpofe and refolu- Lion tobee more_circumfpecf, and fètteth up his watch to fhunne andavoyd the like fins for the time to come : And ifhee be overtakenat unawares, bee is warned by that flip to looké more heedfully to his wáyes , begging pardon, and feeking help fromabove, that hee maybeable to ffand lath fo that the flip, which did feeme fomewhat to lode him, is an occafionof his flicking faller and clofer unto God. §. i 2. But ifa godly man fall into a foule and enor- mous crime wafting confcience, for the time hee lofeth fomedegreeof newneffeofSpirit,cleanneffeofheart,com- fort Ofthe Holy Ghof}, integritie in a fort, and peace of confcience. Fleeplungeth himfelfe into the fenfeof Gods wrath and difpleafure, and by his grievous tranfgreffion the power of faith is fo weakened, that beecanneither be- leeve thepardon ofany one finformerly pardoned, nor lay atuall claim CO any, priiviledgeofgracefortnerly:enjoyed. The