Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Mat infirmities mayJIandwith*ranee. I x7 then through infirmitie a Chriftian bee overtaken with them , yet may bee upon good grounds bee of fared of Gods love. Anger , pettifhnefe, impatience, inordi- nate feare are fines which the godly ought and doe watch againil , and for which they .ought and muff judge themfelves but if through infirmitie they bee over-taken to fpeake an bailie or unadvifed word, they .muff not therefore cafe off their confidence: not- wirhfanding fuch flips, they may cry in faith, and bee heard in their fupplications. If any man fume, (to wit of infirmitie, as they doe whowalke in the light, and addis themfelves to theferionsUudy ofholineffe)wehave an Advocatewith theFather, lefu4 Chriff the righteous, and hee is the propitiation for our linnet. What anfÇver theLordgave toPaul touching his temptations, Mygrace isfir f cientfor thee : that maybee faid ofthe.infirmities of theSaints; fuch finnes asbe meere and abfolute infirmities, God ofhis grace, revealed in thecovenant ofgrace, is plea- fed to grant unto them a pardonofcourfe. Such fumes as in regard of theirmatter, are not repugnantto the main offices prescribed by the Commandements ofGod, being of frailtie committed , through unadvifednefle or fadden pafíion; tiefe doe not denominate aman a Law-breaker; nor foweaken the power of faith, as thatit flhouldnot bee able to receive the promife offorgivenefle; norfufpend theaf}uall claime ofeternall life. Thefefrailties maybe in the godlywithout any notable defe t of faith : they ide- barrenot the foule from cleaving unto God. Abraham, faid ofSarah, Shee is my filler: this was an infirmitie, but did not extinguifh faith. Sarah laughedat the promife, and then denied it through feare: Jacob beguiled his Fa- ther,faying, I 117», thy [onne Efats Land :many 'filch like in- firmities ofthe Saints arerecorded, whicharguetheirfaith robeweake, notto be depofed from its foveraigntie. The reafon'hereof is not tobeetaken -from thematteror fcnst ward a&,wherein they offended , hutfrorn their heartand affe.gión,, Which was more d toga thata/ótwill, I ; ande I joh.3.1,t 2 Cor4I2.7,3. Gen./T./3. Gen .18.1o,1r. Gen.z7.t 9. fixod.4.I0,14. Job 40.5. Matth.16 zz. z Chron.; z Chron.3o.18, ö 19.