Ball - BT770 B3 1637

12,c, True affurance breeds refolution topleafe God. 1 fortheprefence afgrace infufedisapeccary qualification to the pardon of finne , and where finne doth beare filch fwrayas toHaut forthwhatfoever in us fhouldintreat mercy, it doth film him up under wrath. Wereitpofïìble fora man regenerate (which (hall never befall them,that are cal- led according to thepurpokofGod) afrc rgrace received to finne wilfully,with full content, delight, andcontentment, to theutterextinguifhing of theSpiritofgrace , or finally toabufe anyektraordinarymeafureofinherent grace, by in- dulgence toknown finnes fecret or open ; bee flaould fall from the flare of Juffiñcaticin, and bee called to a ffri& account, as well for all his former finites, as this abufeof 'his talent. §. r 4. Affiirance of falvation iftrue, is everjoyned with a religious and confcionable delire towalke before God in all well-pleating, and todoe thething.sthat are ac- ceptable in his fight :and affured (landing in grace de. 's upon a like certainty ofnot continuing indulgence to knowneoffences,orgro&T negligence in repentingor be- wailing fecret (ins. Where this priviledge is pofleflèd, the heart is niofl tender and fenfxble of finne, moll watchfull to (butane and àvoide vvhatfoever is difpleafing unto, his Highneffe, grieved with holy indignation for former loofenefteanduntowardlineffe c therefiourifbethunfained love to God for his mercy , and to the brethren for the Lords fake; found humility and free fubmiflïon to the Lords will and commands in every thing fincere and con- tinuall thinkfulnefle to Godforall his gifts , hoth inpro- (perky and trouble , healthand fickneffe ; holy covetouf. nefl'eafterfpiritual I things,joyned with founddelight inthe Word ofGod , and bale account ofall things in compari- fon ofChrifi : holy and reverent admiration to fee his lute thuschanged , from fo low a depthofmilery, to fo great an height of glory : fweet contentment , joy un- fpeakeable ; with continual!care and confiant refolution tobetter his obedience ; andmercifullzealous defire,both by edifying fpeech and godly example, to draw on and build §, 14. True 4urance breeds encreaf ,,frefolurion and {care topleafeGod. 1 John 3. zs. Luke 7.47. 1 John 4. 19 Cant. 5.8.& S.7. 1 Pet. 7.8. Pfal.103.7,2, 3. a Cor. 14. r. Col. 3. I, z. Phil. 3.9. Pfa1.4.6.7. a Pet.x. 8. Ads 8 39. Rom. S 4. Jet. 9e 23.