Ball - BT770 B3 1637

?rasea/furaxmce breeds refoltation tope*God. i2 x build up others in faith and godlìneffe. How canit bee conceived , thata man fhould be afï'ured ofthe pardon and forgiveneffeofmany andgreat offencescommittedby him, but it will worke a greater loathing anddeteflationoffin, unfilled abatement for formerweaknefi'e;continuall watch- fulnefl'e to keepe himfelfe pure, and ardent love with inward joy that cannot be expreffed? How cana manbee perfwaded, that greater happineffe is given himof God than all the world is worth, that more finnes are pardo- ned him than he bathhaires on his head , the leaf+ where- of is fulhcient to plunge him into the nethermot+ Hell ; but he mutt needs lovetheLord who bathgracioufly loo- ked uponhim in bis dif+reffe , rejoyce with joyunfpeakea- ble and glorious , and keepe continual' watchagatnft the baitesand allurementsoflinne, that bee lofe not his com- fort, nor difhonour God , who bath done fo great things for him ? The Malefaá+or is glad ofhis Princes pardon , fpecially ofhis Highnefl'efavour , whereby bee is advanced into great honour anddignity. When the Jewesheard of the proclamation ofKing Cyrus (by which they were fet free from their long and tedious captivity) they were rapt with joy and wondring , that they were like tomenthat thinke they rather dreamt, then indeed poffefi'ethething that their foules longed after : how much more will cer- taine affurance, that wee are fet free from the perpetuall bondageoffinne, and ref+oredto the everlafting freedome of righteoufneffe and life , make uswonder atthe infinite wifedome , and unfpeakeable goodnetfe ofour heavenly Father? The Saints confidering the goodneffeofGod to- wards Man inhis creation, breake forth into holyadmira, tion ; Lord, what is man that thouartfó mindfollo fhim The Prophet calling tominde long after , what God had done for his foule in delivering him from the terrour of death, and powerofthe grave, cannot paffe it over without fervent thankes andpraife,whatfnaIl Irender to the Lord for althisbenefits towardme?And when Petercame tohim - felfei and lawindeed that he was delivered from the tyran- ". nle MI te6.t, a. pral,s.h.s. Job 7.17 1'a1'" t` Pr.",6.1a.