Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Godand chri.ft is the onely objectof trueconfidence. 12 7 vertueof it : But yet, as it couldnot make colours or other things become more vifible unto us, unleffe it fells were the firfl vifible (that is, unleflë it might bee feene more clearely than thofe things which wee fee by it, fo wee would direct our fight unto it ;) fo would it bee impofsi- blc, the Churches infalliblepropofall fhouldbe the realm ofaRomane Catholikes beleefeof Scriptures, or their or-. thodoxall fénfe, unlefle it were the firíl and principali cre- dible, orprimarieobjeclof hisbeleefe, or that which mull beemoll clearely, molt certainly, and moil fledfaflly belee- ved, foas all other articles befides mull be beleeved by the beleefeof it... Nor is thispropofall of the Church neceffa- rie to the firlt plantationof faithonely, but to thegrowth and continuance of ir; as well after faith is produced, whileflit continues,as whilesit is in planting. §. 3. But to leave thismyflerieof Romifh iniquitie, and § s toreturns co the matter. The authoritieof the Church is and ifF (not theChcbrurcñ and Saints) to the onely obje5l ,fall true confidenceand tiff. a Efayz5 3,ç. PM./ 3 c.5,6,7 and _2.5.. Prov 3.5. b job.' .4.r. Pct.I.zt. itom.3.22. PfaL:-:2. C jerem 17.5. not thegroundof Chriflian faith, but the holyScriptures; andfaithrefleth notupon the Saints, but uponJefus Chrifl. God and ChriPt is the`objeel of confidence according to the Scripture. a Godas: the .4u,tl-or and parent of all good things, ofwhomareallthings andwee inhim : b Chrifl as . the onely Mediatour of God.and men, by whom are all things, andwe by him : or by whomGod belloweth upon us all lavingblefsings, andby whom wee come untoGod. Theyare accurfed, who make thearme of flelh theirflay, and trufl in man, in whom there is no help or power. The precut faith of Beieevers bath the faine objea with the faith of Adam after his fall, Abel, Abraham, Noah, David, the Virgincz arie, all the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apoflles. For faith is done inobjeel and kind, though different in number and degree. But the confidence of Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham,&c. was,exercifed about, or directed unto God in Chrifl; not fit upon any Saint. Abraham and the reft, who lived before and under the Law, beleeved in the Mefsias to come: The Apoflles and all the faithfull Pince, beleeve in Chrii already come : d 11,1 .,3 8<