Ball - BT770 B3 1637

12 6 the onelygroundoffaith. cerning the eff'e , is finally refolved, feeing it can fatisfie all demands, doubts , or quettions concerning it. It will not helpe them to colourover the matter, and fay , God revealing divine truth is the formall objet of faith : Forfeeing God worketh mediately, and revealeth no truth untous but by externall meanes : and divine au- thoritie in it felfe is hidden and unknowne : thereforethe thing whereinto our faith is refolved , muff befomething externally knowne , which wee may reade or heare. And our Adverfaries muff leade us to fecret revelation , which in words they pretend fo much todefie , or yeeld usanex- ternall foundation and formali object offaith: And reje- áting theScriptures, whatfoevertheyglofe inwords they neither can , nor doe name us anyotherindeed , but-the RonanPope and Church. Nor will it boot them ought to fay, that Gods Word in the Churches mouth isthe ruleoffaith, whereinto it is finally refolved , feeing theChurch defines nothingbut by Gods Word written or unwritten. For this ismore than the party whichbeleeves it canknow; nor bath hee any other motive to beleeveit, betides theChurches definition or affertion. Suppofe thenwee fhould conceivefo well of a temporali Judge , as toperfumeheedidneverfpeakebut according to the true meaningeither of ftatute or cuflo- marie law : yet ifweecouldnot knoweither theone or the 'other, or their right interpretation , but onely byhis de- terminations ; the law were little beholden tohim (un- leffefor a foute) that fhould fay, hewere refolvedjoyntly by the Judge and ir. For feeingtheLaw i s-to himaltoge- ther uncertaine, but by the Judges avouchment or inter- pretation, his lafttefolutionof any a6t ofjnitice, mull bee onely into the Judges skilland fidelity. It is true- indeed , that the Churches authority is not comprehended in the objet ofbeleefe , whileft it onely propo1 rhotherArticlestobeebeleeved. Nomore is the Swine comprehended under the objet °four ae }uall fight, whileftwebehold colours, or other vifiible things by the vertue