Ball - BT770 B3 1637

138 Faizh re fideth bothinMindeandWill. t Reg.3,9. 2 Cor.3,1 g. Ads/. 39.8e IT. 23. 1 Cor.7.37. Mat.6.2 c. Joh. 14.1. cutc.í.Ke.- &21.14. .... Mat. 12.3 j. Mat.13.14,1f. Luk.s4.zf. properly poffeffe one fubje5 , to wit, the frank : but con- Meted accordingto the two faculties thereof, it pofieffeth the minde, as it underftandeth.and affenteth; the will, as it receiveth and embraceth.the word ofpromife. Secondly it is anfwered , that faving faith doth prefuppofe know- ledge and agentas the root and foundation but formally it is an affe6 ion towards thepromife ofgrace, and feated in the heart. As the reafonable foule dothgive life, fence, and motion as inferiour operations : fo juflifying faith doth know and aífent, but as juflifyingit dotti trufl and rely upon the mercyofGod in Jefus Chrifi. Thirdly, ftifying:faith , or faith as it juftifyeth, isnot one verrue, nor anyvertue, but juflifiethonely as it makes us partakers ofthe righteoufnefleofChrift ; which it dotti not by any dignity or excellencie of its owne , but inrefpedt ofthe place and office which our mercifull God bathfreely and liberallygranted unto it.Now'nothing hindreth,why God fhouldnot give thename of faith both to affent in the un- derftanding, and to affiance in the will, and requireboth to jutlification. And that it isnot a vertue as it juttifieth, is manifeft hereby , that wee are juflified by the a&offaith, not by the habit offaith,as Divines Popifh and Proteflant confefl'e. But ifmindeand will be indeed but two names or titles ofone and the fameintelleual1 nature, astruth and good- neffe in matters morali differ onely in degrees ofappre- henfion, then there is no roome for this objeiiion. Not to difpute this point any further, this is manifefi, that in Scripture the heart is taken for thewhole foule, with all its powers andoperations; as ofunderftanding, wil- ling andchoofing, remembring or retaining in minde , and affecting; that the Scripture doth fimply attribute to the heart knowledge, confidence, and afte&ion'; and That theScripture bath no peculiar words, whereby that phiiofòphicall difiinetionofmindé and will may be confir- med :and therefore accordingto the fentence of Scripture, wee may Beat faith in the heart or reafonable foule , and not